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Music Helps Humanity

Music Helps Humanity

Music Helps HumanityMusic Helps Humanity

Founder-Maya, Board Members & Community supporters

Why I created Music Helps Humanity

I created Music Helps Humanity at 16 years old in 2018. I am fortunate to combined my love for music and community service with Music Helps Humanity.  Organizing talent to perform for our community & fundraising for a good cause.  There is a lot to do and some communities need more healing than others.  Music Helps Humanity is just that, helping communities heal from unfortunate circumstances and helping other nonprofit organization/causes that needs communities to unite for support. 


I would also like to reach out nationally and help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, because I am from Puerto Rico. In addition, I would like to help different cities that need immediate healing and unity. There's no doubt that music brings people together from all cultures, despite our differences, music always sparks a conversation and unity. 

From getting together on a Saturday to ship out clothing, to a day at the beach for a clean up, community cleanup, visiting a senior center, a hospital or kids center to put a smile on their faces with performances. Every outreach matters and music matters to heal the heart and bring peace to the soul when their lives at the moment is not so great.

My other goal is to someday have a place for students to learn about serving their communities and have a platform to record, perform and have a place to turn to for all Music interest and create Music, bring music education to a higher level in communities.  This will keep kids  safe, involved in something they love while helping their community.


Maya is a 2018 graduate of Empower LA, IGNITE program for young women. She has received numerous certifications and awards for community service. Including from Empower LA IGNITE Completion Certification, Certification from the City of LA, International Volunteer Award, private organizations and Chambers. Maya is a singer/song writer and plans on pursing music and community service in college.

Some projects that Maya has helped includes: Run for Alzheimer's-promotion volunteer, Habitat for Humanity (veterans project) Fundraiser, Home Run For Kids, Volunteer, Victory for Victims-Dignity Health, Northridge Hospital, Women Run LA, Volunteer & Fundraiser, West Hills Marathon, organized, help with community signatures for city event permits, promotions, fundraiser, numerous races throughout California, music events in West Lake , Human Trafficking awareness volunteer, Canoga Park  Youth Art Center Dia de Los Muertos, volunteer, Stoney Point, clean up, Santa Monica Pier, beach Clean up, community clean up, Rescue Mission, Server, LA Thanksgiving, Server/food collection, Economic Environmental Alliance Coalition, Reseda Art Walk, North Hollywood Chamber, martial arts fundraiser, Courage Jubilee, performed and fundraised, student organization, created several school clubs, to help students and much more.  


Board Members:  Professional leaders in corporate business, music business, production,promotions, marketing, education and nonprofit organizations. 


 In the music industry?

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Music Helps Humanity, Founder